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Adopt a Pet

Thank you for considering adopting one of our animals many of whom have been through traumatic experiences and need to find wonderful new families to live with for the rest of their lives.

Please click on the Register an interest button on the animal profile or contact adopt a pet 8 via adopt a pet 9 .

A home visit is always undertaken by our volunteer home checkers to ensure a good match is made between the animal and its potential adopter. We NEVER destroy healthy cats or dogs; all animals under our care are found new homes or work with behaviourists if they have any behavioural problems. On rare occasions under veterinary advice we may put an animal to sleep for severe health reasons; anything that is treatable and that doesn’t cause a substantial loss of quality of life we happily treat.

We NEVER destroy healthy cats or dogs

We hope you support us by taking care to find the right animal for you and think very carefully before beginning the adoption process;

An animal is a living creature which will be dependent on you for the rest of it’s life.

Dogs and cats live well into their teens; sometimes beyond.

Some longhaired cats can require up to an hour’s grooming every day, and all dogs need to be walked two to four times a day and given plenty of ongoing training.

Adopt Dogs


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Adopt Small Animals

Small Animals

Veterinary care and insurance can be expensive.

Is your lifestyle suitable for the animal? Dogs and cats left alone for long periods can become unhappy and destructive.

It is important to bear in mind that in some instances animals may have experienced trauma or mistreatment in their lives and need homes that can provide special care and patience.

Cats and Kittens for adoption

Adoption fee £adopt a pet 10 .

Your pet will come having its first vaccine and second depending on how long we have had them, flea treated, wormed and microchipped. This fee only goes a small way towards covering the food and medication they need whilst in our care. At the moment we can only receive your adoption fee by cash or cheque.

Dogs and Puppies

Adoption fee £adopt a pet 11 .

Small Animals

Adoption fee £adopt a pet 12 .

If we do not have a suitable animal, please check with your local RSPCA Animal Centre;






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